Iterative switching networks

In the paper the construction of the so called iterative networks is studied. This class contains rearrangeable N-inputs M-outputs networks carrying m connections with roughly 2(N+M) log (NM/(N+M)) contacts, if m = min(N,M) and with roughly 2(N+M) log m contacts, if m < min(N,M); these results are the best obtainable by the methods used.

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On existence of optimal double-loop computer networks

A class of two-dimensional regular graphs called circulants and its special case of the double-loop networks are considered. Such graphs provide a practical interest as reliable interconnection networks for the multimodule supercomputer systems. A solution to the problem of determining the best double-loop networks with the minimum of a diameter...

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Cellular algorithm for isoline extraction from a 2D image

A cellular algorithm for extraction of isolines from 2D image of 3D surface is presented. The algorithm is divided into two stages: secondary quantization and extraction of isolines. Realization of each stage as one-time iteration on the base of the Parallel Substitution Algorithm is obtained. Results of the algorithm simulation...

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