Spatial functions approximation by Boolean arrays

Since Cellular Automata attract a growing interest as a model to be used in simulating spatial dynamics, the problem arises of Boolean data compatibility with continuous spatial functions widespread in physics. To solve this problem, a method to approximate real functions in discrete space by Boolean arrays and vice versa...

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Associative parallel algorithm performing depth-first search

In this paper, we propose a novel associative parallel algorithm performing depth-first search on an abstract model of the SIMD type with vertical data processing (the STAR-machine). This algorithm is represented in two ways: as recursive and non-recursive STAR procedures, whose correctness is verified and time complexity is evaluated.

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Mapping a parallel program structure onto distributed computer system structure by the Hopfield neural network with fuzzy scheduling parameters

An approach to mapping structure of parallel program onto structure of distributed computer system by the Hopfield neural network is presented. For typical structures of parallel programs ("line", "ring", "mesh", "binary tree") and regular structures of distributed CS ("torus", "hypercube") it is shown that fuzzy control of derivative of neuron...

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The parallelization experience of a multi-program complex. Part 1. The parallelization strategy

Technological aspects of parallelization of the computing system "Potok-3", intended for some numerical modeling of problems of aerodynamics and physical gas dynamics are considered. The methods and problems of global parallelization of a multi-program complex by major parameters, as well as C -, L- and V-types of the parallelization procedures...

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