One-dimensional direct and inverse problems for one system arising in a two-phase medium

A one-dimensional system of the Hopf-type equations is considered. Axial solutions to problems in the field of modeling two-fluid interactions are sought. A nonlinear system of ordinary differential equations is obtained. Direct and inverse problems for the obtained ODE are considered. A theorem on local solvability is proven.

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The scenario of a possible impact event of the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary based on the "orbital" hypothesis

The studying the regions of global seismic belts, to which giant impact structures belong, confirms the hypothesis of the possible attachment to the Earth of its satellite at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary and the coincidence of these belts and structures to the routes of its tangent flight along the Med-Eocene position...

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Investigation of one dynamic system arising in a two-fluid medium

The Cauchy problem for a one-dimensional homogeneous system of the Hopf-type equations arising in a two-fluid medium is considered. It is believed that energy dissipation occurs only due to the friction coefficient (analogous to Darcy) and the Cauchy data are given in the form of a finite trigonometric Fourier series...

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The development dynamics of the "Afro-Baikal" and the expanded "Indonesian" transregional seismolineaments based on the creepex analysis

A study to identify the spatio-temporal relationship between strong MS ≥ 7 seismic shocks and the preceding moderate mid-depth seismicity has led to the need to consider territories that go far beyond the area of preparation of its individual foci. First, there are the areas along the global seismolineaments...

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