A study to identify the spatio-temporal relationship between strong MS ≥ 7 seismic shocks and the preceding moderate mid-depth seismicity has led to the need to consider territories that go far beyond the area of preparation of its individual foci. First, there are the areas along the global seismolineaments to which the events in question belong. In the 10% confidence band of these regional (and then the global) structures, a pattern of high correlation of magnitude MS(t) and creepex Cr(t) graphs on the eve of strong earthquakes has been revealed. It indicates the creation of a special organized state of the geophysical environment during their preparation, possibly associated with the environment consolidation along the global tectonic structures (in the case of an inverse correlation of MS(t) and Cr(t)), or with increased environment heterogeneity in the linear region under consideration (in the case of direct correlation of these parameters).

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