Modern electrodynamics for the Earth's physics

Electromagnetic methods for studying the Earth, electromagnetic techniques of geophysical prospecting, in particular, are conventionally based on the fact that any electromagnetic field, either observed on the Earth or artificially excited by generators, satisfy Maxwell's equations and is analytically described by these equations.

This opinion is so popular among geophysicists...

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The expert earthquake database (EEDB) for seismic-geodynamic research

In this paper, a high-tech expert system EEDB for solving a wide range of seismological research tasks is proposed. The logical and functional structure as well as results of the algorithms usage for the analysis of seismic processes are considered. The algorithms allow us to calculate and to visualize maps...

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Algorithms and methods for the numerical simulation of seismic wave fields in cavernous zones

A developed toolkit (parallel programs and visualization tools) for the numerical simulation of the elastic wave propagation in 3D and 2D nonhomogeneous elastic media, comprising cavernous inclusions applicable to the on-site inspection, is described. According to the results obtained, groups of waves were identified, and synthetic data reflecting the influence...

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