Fifteen years of the Supercomputer Software Department

The Supercomputer Software Department (SSD) of the Computing Center SB RAS (at present Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics), Novosibirsk, was founded on April 1, 1987 on the base of System Software Laboratory and Research Group of Parallel Program Synthesis. The goal of this alliance was the actualization of...

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Discrete-continuous models for spatial dynamics simulation

Fine-grained parallel models of spatial dynamics are analyzed from the point of view of the relationship between their continuous and discrete constituents. The models are ranged from the absolutely continuous partial differential equations to the absolutely discrete cellular automata. In the interval between them, there are cellular neural networks, cellular...

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Parallel computations on graph structures

The Graph Automaton intended for modeling parallel fine-grained transformations of graph structures is presented. It works in mode of simultaneous application of a set of substitution commands to a graph image. Substitution commands are presented in graph notation, too. The example of algorithm implementation on the Graph Automaton is given.

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Gas-lattice simulation of high viscous fluid flows

The Cellular Automata models were proposed for simulation not so long ago, but recently they are in importance. Amongst 2D models, which have been recently studied, two basic ones have been distinguished. All the other known models are modifications of the basic ones. One of such modifications is proposed, and...

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