For the last few years, much progress has been made towards representing the hydrology processes in the land-surface parameterization schemes. With an increased interest in the prediction of runoff and soil moisture under the current and changed climate conditions, an understanding has been that the parameterization of the runoff-related processes needs to explicitly account for the topographical control. The land surface model (LSM) for the atmospheric general circulation model (GCM), after integrating with a topography-based runoff scheme is able to produce the topography-related runoff and river discharge.

The primary purpose of this study is to correct the parameterization scheme surface hydrology and to include a model of the river routing of the terrestrial runoff into the oceans. The total runoff (surface and subsurface drainage) is routed downstream to the oceans using a river routing model. The river routing model is based on the TOPMODEL ideas. The river routing model is coupled to the Land Surface Model (ICM&MG SB RAS) for hydrological applications and for the improved land-ocean-sea-ice-atmosphere coupling in the Climate System Model (CSM).

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