Sensivity study of the warm Atlantic layer to diffusion parametrization in the Arctic modeling

In this paper, we study the sensivity of the numerical model of the Arctic-North Atlantic Ocean to the way of the diffusion parametrization: standard horizontal/vertical diffusion (HOR), isopycnal mixing scheme, with the Cox approach (ISO); and the Gent-McWilliams parametrization (GM). As a result of numerical experiments we have obtained more...

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Three-dimensional vortex flows of incompressible two-velocity media at constant saturation of substances

A flow of incompressible viscous two-velocity fluids for the case of pressure equilibrium of phases at constant saturation of substances is described with the help of scalar functions. A system of differential equations for these functions is obtained. An example illustrating this method is presented.

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Mathematical modeling of the submarine permafrost long-term dynamics and gas hydrate stability zone in the Siberian Arctic shelf

Results of the mathematical modeling of the dynamics of the submarine permafrost and the methane hydrate stability zone in the sediment of the East Siberian Arctic shelf are presented. The thickness of permafrost on the shelf is 175—320 m for the geothermal heat flux 60 mW/m according to the results...

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Numerical analysis of benzo[a]pyrene pollution data in the vicinity of power plant

A model for reconstructing the surface concentration of a heavy non-homogeneous substance transferred into the atmosphere is proposed. The model is used to simulate the snow surface contamination by benzopyrene in the vicinity of Power Plant-3 in the city of Barnaul. The wind rotation effects in the atmospheric boundary layer...

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A coupled hydrodynamic system of the Lena River delta and the Laptev Sea shelf zone: the model tuning and preliminary results of numerical simulation

This paper describes a new model of the hydrodynamic system consisting of the Lena River delta and the Laptev Sea shelf zone. The description of a complex fluvial system with many channels, watercourses and estuarine areas is based on the numerical solution of the Saint—Venant equations. The method used is...

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Monitoring of snow cover dust pollution near a cement plant

The results of field studies of the snow cover pollution by inorganic dust around an industrial enterprise for the cement production in the winter season of 2012-2013 are discussed. Based on the field fallout, the numerical reconstruction has shown the existence of stable quantitative regularities of dust content in the...

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