A study was continued to identify the spatial-temporal relationship between strong crustal earthquakes and moderate intermediate-depth seismicity preceding them. In the field of preparation of these shocks, a pattern of direct correlation of graphs MS(t) and Cr(t) has been revealed, testifying creation the conditions for strictly deterministic influence of a focal zone size on the creepex parameter during the main seismic source preparation. It is possible that the proportional dependence of the creepex on the size of focal zones is associated with increased heterogeneity of the medium within the focal area, when the brittle destruction processes of the subducting crust blocks are adjacent to the receipt processes of the deep mantle material. This neighborhood ensures heterogeneity of the environment properties in the large earthquakes preparation in the South Asian subduction zones. The vertical movement of these processes is indicated by the fact that the direct correlation of the graphs is preserved in the case of vertical displacements in the seismic source of main shock (upthrust or downthrow), which, unlike horizontal moves (shift), does not violate the state of large-block medium heterogeneity in the focal zone.

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