Geographic information systems (GIS) of different kinds are now widely used for numerical modeling of geophysical processes. The main idea of GIS is visualization of some kind of objects and results of mathematical modeling on a geographic map which if drawn on the screen of computer. In majority GIS during work deep zooming of geographical map is required, that involves necessity of use vector principle of computer maps drawing (the most widely used principle of electronic mapping). However, in this case geographical data in digital vector form is needed. If the user has access to sufficient (for him) digital cartographic information, the problem can be resolved by convert of that data in format used by him. If the access to such data is not available, the Interactive System for input geographic information proposed here can be used for creation digital geographical and bathymetric data.

This system represents graphic shell with pull-down menu, which permits to input interactively any kind of cartographic information (lines and points) from PCX image of chosen fragment of geographic map. Some features and steps of this technology are briefly described. PCX image can be initially obtained by scanner and then edited by graphic editor (if necessary).