As a result of a feasibility study, a concept and prototype of the Expert Tsunami Data Base (ETDB) was developed at the Tsunami Laboratory of the Novosibirsk Computing Center, Russian Academy of Sciences. The ETDB contains in the digital form all available information on regional earthquakes and tsunamis (source parameters, observed heights, original historical descriptions, etc.) as well as basic reference information on regional seismic and mareograph networks, regional geography, geology and tectonics. Additionally, it includes some software blocks for tsunami simulation (e.g. calculation of travel time charts, calculation of initial bottom displacements) and some standardized tools for data processing and plotting. A specially developed graphic shell provides the possibility to manipulate maps, models and data in the convenient and efficient manner.

The ETDB currently exists for the Kuril-Kamchatka region, however, the supporting software can be easily adapted to any other tsunamigenic region of the Pacific and elsewhere, after that the actual data compiling from the available tsunami catalogs, original reports and other sources of data can be made in relatively short time.